SCO Forum Meetings

The Forum conducts annual meetings. The membership of national delegations is determined by the National Centers and includes the most authoritative SCO experts from various institutions in each member state. As a rule, invitations are also extended to representatives of the SCO Secretariat, Foreign Ministries and diplomatic representatives of member states, groups of experts from SCO observer states and SCO dialogue partners, as well as other interested states. The location for each successive meeting is determined by the Russian alphabetical order of the names of the SCO member states. The director of the National Center of the SCO member state hosting the Forum serves as Forum chairman from the day the previous Forum meeting ended until the closing of the next Forum in that particular state. The Forum chairman represents the Forum at all levels.

1.      First meeting. May 22, 2006. Moscow, Russian Federation. Materials, constituent documents.

2.      Second meeting. Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan, June 15, 2007. Materials.

3.      Third meeting. Beijing, The People’s Republic of China. May 19-21, 2008. Materials.

4.      Fourth meeting. Cholpon-Ata, The KyrgyzRepublic, May 18-19, 2009. Materials: list of participants  (1),(2),(3), the Protocol of the Fourth Meeting of the SCO Forum (1),(2),(3).